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Our fleet of vehicles has state of the art equipment for gutter cleaning.

If you are detecting drainage system failures, we perform all pumping services in Miami: septic tanks, grease traps, lift stations and storm drains cleaning.

Don’t wait until you have an emergency. Quick Clean is quick and effective in pumping.

  • Diagnosis, reparation and maintenance
  • Pump-out all types of residues
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors
  • Service 24/7
Grease traps cleaning in Miami

Pumping services

Why do I need a pumping service?

Regular maintenance on grease traps, septic tanks, lift stations and storm drains is crucial to ensure an efficient operation of liquid waste management systems and avoid serious problems that can affect homes and businesses alike.

Did you know that when the sea level rises, the groundwater level does it too? This can affect the functionality of septic systems.

Inadequate seepage occurs when rising groundwater reduces the dry soil space in the drain field, leading contaminated water to enter the Biscayne Aquifer, Miami’s freshwater source located below the city.

To address this issue, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance on septic tanks and other liquid waste equipment through the pumping services offered by Quick Clean.

Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm drains are responsible for channeling rainwater into drainage systems. Proper maintenance ensures storm drains are free of clogs, which prevents flooding and damage to nearby property.

The frequency of storm drain pumping can vary depending on the location and the specific conditions of each area. In general, it is recommended that storm drains be cleaned at least once a year to maintain proper functioning and prevent channel blockages.

Our fleet of vehicles has state of the art equipment​ for gutter cleaning. We prevent overflows, erosions and the appearance of dangers on the road through flooded streets.

  • Residential and commercial service.​​
  • Removal of garbage and polluting liquids.​​
  • Cleaning of parking lots, Catch Basins, French Drains, Injection Wells, Slab Covered Tranches, Retention Boxes, and Soakage Pits.​
storm drain cleaning in Miami
Grease traps cleaning in Miami

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps are essential in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food establishments as they prevent greasy and oily residue from reaching sewers. If they are not pump out regularly, these grease traps can clog and cause blockages in pipes, which can lead to overflows and unpleasant odors.

For a small establishment it is recommended to clean grease traps approximately every 1 to 3 months. While, for a large establishment, such as a restaurant for 100 people, a hotel or a hospital, it is advisable to carry out maintenance every 2 to 4 weeks to keep it in good condition and avoid clogging problems in the sewage system.

We have trucks for the cleaning and preventive​ maintenance of grease traps in restaurants, hotels,​ warehouses, hospitals, etc. We use pressure​ suction to collect grease and solids from the inside.​

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of Grease Trap​
  • Pressure suction of waste
  • Pressure cleaning of the side walls
  • Hydrojet to the entrance and exit lines of the trap​
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Work under safety operations and current to regulations
  • We operate whenever they need us, to avoid fines for health problems for your business​

Septic Tank Pumping

septic tanks are responsible for wastewater treatment on properties that are not connected to sewage systems. Proper maintenance involves periodic cleaning to remove sludge and accumulations that may reduce their capacity. If this maintenance is not carried out, septic tanks can overflow, contaminate the environment and cause health problems.

The recommended frequency for pumping the septic tanks can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the tank, the number of people at home, and the daily use of the system. However, in general, it is recommended to maintain and clean a septic tank approximately every 3 to 5 years.

QUICK CLEAN is prepared to provide complete maintenance of your system.​

*We treat Blockages in septic wells.

  • Hydrojet cleaning of drain lines.
  • Cleaning of side walls.
  • Inspections of septic entrances and exits.
  • Scheduled periodic maintenance as needed.
septic tanks cleaning
pumping services in miami

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Pumping: Lift Station

Lift stations are essential for the proper drainage of stormwater and wastewater. If they are not kept clean, they can be clogged with leaves, trash, and sediment, resulting in flooding during heavy rains and reducing the drainage capacity of streets and highways.

Considering Miami’s weather conditions and its location near to the sea, it is common to perform lift stations pumping on a quarterly basis; and at least once before the rainy season. In residential areas with less traffic, maintenance can be done every year.

Plump stations are the main receivers of wastewater in residential, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and any property where waste is required to be disposed of.

  • Equipment specialized in plumbing and pressure cleaning.​
  • Specialized technicians with certification according to regulations.​
  • Evaluation and repair of plumbing stations.​
  • Repair of damage or change of pipelines.​
  • Inspection and maintenance of panels and sensors.​
  • Installation of automated emergency system.​
  • Control of measurement readings.​
  • Review of the situation of the pipelines monthly.​
Lift stations cleaning
septic tanks cleaning

What is hydro – jetting in pumping services?

Hydro jetting is an effective technique that we use to clean grease traps and septic tanks. It consists of using high pressure water, which can reach up to thousands of PSI (pounds per square inch), to remove obstructions, debris and sediment accumulated in pipes and drainage systems.

This process is done through the use of a hose connected to a tank vehicle where the water is stored. The hose has a special nozzle that directs the high-pressure water stream in different directions to clean and dislodge any clogging material.


Regular maintenance of grease traps, septic tanks, lift stations, and storm drains is important to ensuring a proper functioning of sanitation systems and avoiding costly and damaging problems.

At Quick Clean we have a team of experts in pumping that specializes in carrying out this maintenance efficiently and professionally. Trust us to keep your drainage systems in top condition and ensure that your home or business is protected from sanitation problems.

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