We’re not just cleaning, we’re creating a healthier environment. We are a commercial cleaning company specializing in Miami.

and office cleaning

We standardize your cleaning processes. In addition,​ we have highly trained personnel working under strict​ biosecurity and disinfection protocols, thus​ guaranteeing cleanliness in each space in which we​ intervene.

  • Supply of specialized machinery and equipment.​
  • Experts in facilities.​
  • Maintenance of facilities.
Institutional Cleaning Office
Comercial and office cleaning

Common areas maintenance

We put at your disposal specialists in heavy work for​ cleaning common areas. Our team of experts​ removes dirt from products that are difficult to remove,​ ensuring cozy spaces, such as:

*parks, gardens, patios,​ terraces, parking lots, among others.

Residential cleaning

Our cleaning team is made up of cleaning professionals, who have all the legal benefits and technical training. We adapt to your needs, to offer you part-time or full-time service.

Common areas maintance
commercial-cleaning in miami

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Commercial cleaning services

Final turnover construction cleaning

We are prepared to perform pre and post-construction cleaning in all types of spaces. Thanks to our service, you will be able to deliver your projects on time. No matter how big the construction site is, you can be sure that it​ will be sparkling clean.

  • Debris and junk removal.​
  • Floor polishing.​
  • Paint and dust removal.​
  • Safety control to minimize incidents.​
  • Windows, mirrors and glass surfaces cleaning.​
Final turnover construction cleaning in miami

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